Cricket Country in the Morning with Scott & Angie…(6am – 10am)

Scott Schuler: Scott has been part of the “Cricket Family” since 1995. Born and raised in the Mid-Valley, the South Albany High graduate has an extensive knowledge of the history of country music with a love and appreciation for the classics as well as a fondness for today’s Cricket Country Superstars…many of whom he has formed personal friendships with, or has ripped his pants in front of (ask him about golfing with the Dixie Chicks.) It has been estimated that Scott has over 200 different character voices and counting. Scott has gained popularity with the area listeners second to no one.

Angie Foster : When you hear Scott and Angie together in the mornings you quickly understand what makes them the most listened to radio show in the valley. Their bond is so tight they got married and started a family together! Angie will tell you that her job is “community relations diva.” She answers e-mails, makes appearances at fund raisers and community events, handles public service announcements and has even been know to do windows.

Mid-Days with Amy…(10am – 3pm) Amy spent a lot of time cleaning horse corrals which prepared her for the type of stuff she’d be shoveling out over the air in radio. Amy’s been in the radio biz for over 20 years and has loved every minute of it. She’s like having an old friend in the car, you never know if you’re gonna laugh or you’re gonna cry but you always know you’re gonna have a good time!

Afternoons with Angie…(3pm – 7pm) Angie’s radio career began in 1997, starting at KRKT as a minor. She was the sassy (sometimes foul-mouthed) evening host until her bosses said, “You can’t say that stuff on the radio.” She’s still sassy and will be sure to brighten up your drive home with her creative wit.

Whitney Allen…(7pm – Midnight) The Big Time with Whitney Allen is one of the most entertaining, interactive syndicated shows on radio today. Whitney involves the listeners in conversations, interviews with celebrities, and even gets those celebs to fill in for her when she’s on vacation.

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