K-C 93.5 FM features music from the late sixties to the eighties, from Bruce Springsteen to Elton John, from Fleetwood Mac to Santana and everything in between. K-C 93.5 relates like no other station, the life soundtrack for adults age 35-64. K-C 93.5’s morning show combines music and entertainment with local news and information to serve a wide-ranging audience, and national news comes from ABC at the top of every hour. On Wednesday nights from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. KC 93.5 features two hours programmed to the local Hispanic market.

Viewer Data
Person 18 – 24
High School or Less
Person 25 – 34
Completed High School
Person 35 – 44
Some College
Person 45 – 54
Completed College or More
Person 55 – 64
Person 65+

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