At 100,000 watts, KOOL delivers “Fun Songs to Sing Along With!” It’s a great way to start and end your day with 18 songs in-a-row and shorter commercial breaks!

Profile of KOOL Listeners

  • The target demographic for KOOL is Adult Persons 25 to 54 years old.
  • The audience composition is well-balanced with approximately 45% male and 55% female.
  • KOOL listeners are stable home-owners who love to travel, garden & remodel.
  • KOOL appeals to educated listeners in peak earning years with disposable incomes. Nearly 50% of KOOL listeners have household incomes of $75,000 or more.
  • KOOL’s format is non-controversial, wholesome, upbeat and familiar…with it’s own News and Information link, which makes it THE premier station for listening at work!
Viewer Data
Male 45 %
Female 55 %
Median Household Income : $75000
Person 18 – 24
High School or Less
Person 25 – 34
Completed High School
Person 35 – 44
Some College
Person 45 – 54
Completed College or More
Person 55 – 64
Person 65+

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