At 50,000 watts, KPNW delivers reliable and timely news, sports, weather and traffic reports. When people need to know – either at home or on the go, KPNW is your NEWS source leader!

Profile of KPNW Listeners

  • The target demographic for KPNWis Adult Men 35 years and older.
  • The audience composition is approximately 65% male and 35% female.
  • KPNW has a legendary broadcast reach. E-mails are frequently received from fans in Northern California, even as far away as San Francisco and Sacramento!
  • KPNW appeals to influential and affluent listeners, and is the most likely station for a business to reach other businesses. Nearly 50% of KPNW listeners have $75,000+ incomes.
  • KPNW’s format is a power-house of key programming that have become a valuable resource for home-improvement ideas, financial advice, gardening tips, political commentary and more. Many programs and features may be sponsored by advertisers.

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